Consumer Packaged Goods

We create dynamic branding solutions for precisely segmented audiences, tying it all together with closed-loop measurement to help you understand how your digital efforts impact in-store sales.

Consumer Packaged Goods


Our in-house marketing experts serve a broad spectrum of consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories—including food, beverage, personal and household products, just to name a few. Our CPG clients are among the fastest growing advertisers in terms of annual ad spend. With research suggesting that, for the average CPG advertiser, mobile ad campaigns alone produce $500K annually in in-store sales, it's no wonder why. Regardless of the marketing objectives, key performance indicators or preferred channels, GlobalWide Media possesses the aptitude to be a top-performing, strategic partner to any CPG advertisers.

What We Do

We understand that, while our CPG clients have gathered massive amounts of data from both first and third party sources, interpreting that data into useful actionable items presents a sizable challenge. Luckily for our advertisers, data is the driving force behind the intelligence that fuels GlobalWide Media's programmatic engine. Our technology, as well as our team of seasoned data and analytics experts, will help you not just capture your data but put it to work for you. Whether your goal is building brand equity by reaching receptive audiences with relevant combinations of messaging and media, or leveraging geo-location targeting to compel consumers to make purchases in your store, GlobalWide Media has the experience and expertise to help you succeed.