Client Success

We generated $3 billion in sales last year for our advertising partners, delivering superior results through direct response and branding campaigns.

Client Success

GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media has generated over 5 million monthly conversions and $3 billion in annual sales for our advertisers. Clients choose us for our expansive reach, proprietary data, and focus on brand safety. Our full-service solutions offer brands and agencies efficient and scalable performance reach that maximizes ROI.

Let GlobalWide Media work for you.

Key Platform Stats:

  • 24,000 campaigns in 102 countries
  • 50 million mobile app installs
  • 60 billion ad requests per day from 240,000+ websites and 70,000 apps.

Powered by data science, GlobalWide Media connects advertisers with high performing audiences through direct response and brand campaigns. Review our case studies to learn how we've generated unprecedented ROIs for top-tier brands like AliExpress, and Mindspark.


Since 2015, GlobalWide Media has partnered with Jumia, Nigeria's largest online retailer and the #1 leader of e-commerce in Africa, to substantially increase their app installs and online sales.


To achieve optimal results, our experienced team created and refined a media strategy that utilized GlobalWide Media’s premium e-commerce publishers with a strong background in African markets to run cost-per-install and revenue sharing offers.


As a result, GlobalWide Media has delivered:

  • 6,500 app installs per month
  • Over 1500 sales
  • 1.5 million clicks

AliExpress, a business within the Alibaba Group, is a popular retail marketplace primarily made up of small business sellers targeted at consumers worldwide. AliExpress approached GlobalWide Media to enhance the online visibility of its platform. Specifically, AliExpress was looking to build brand awareness in targeted markets to generate a large number of new overseas buyers.

  • To build brand awareness of AliExpress in overseas markets
  • To increase the number of orders placed by overseas buyers on AliExpress
  • To increase sales generated on AliExpress

An extensive media plan was put together to establish ideal distribution channels, best suited for the AliExpress campaign.

Execution of the media plan included the GlobalWide Media's sales team working extensively with publishers, agencies and media buyers to increase ad buys, landing pages, contests, geo target email campaigns, re-targeting ads and social media presence.


Within 8 months, GlobalWide Media successfully increased AliExpress's brand awareness by engaging 300 new distribution channels worldwide.

GlobalWide Media delivered 720 million clicks and an average of 10,000 daily transactions to AliExpress during that period.

In total, GlobaWide Media generated over 10 million e-commerce transactions for AliExpress in its first year of working together.


Groupon is known worldwide as the premier daily deal website, featuring discounted gift certificates for local businesses. When Groupon first started working with GlobalWide Media, they were looking to aggressively expand their international presence.

  • Engage target audiences
  • Expand international reach
  • Increase sign-up

GlobalWide Media's dedicated account team customized a media plan using a CPA model to ensure high-quality sign-ups and meet Groupon's marketing goals. Through GlobalWide Media's data-driven approach and customized media strategy, Groupon observed strong results across all digital channels.


GlobalWide Media was able to deliver over 200 million visitors and 2 million sign-ups to Groupon sites across 30 countries.


Mindspark Interactive conceptualizes, develops and strategically markets unique digital applications for online audiences, with a specialty in downloads. In 2013, leading up to a ten year partnership between GlobalWide Media and Mindspark, GlobalWide Media aimed to solidify Mindspark as the leader in digital applications by leveraging strong relationships with our platinum publishers.


To further help establish Mindspark as the top global provider of downloadable applications, GlobalWide Media worked to increase their brand awareness by diversifying Mindspark products by marketing exclusive whitelabels, diversifying browsers, and creating performance targets for publishers.


A dedicated account team worked with a selected team of internal media buyers in designing and executing a search and display media plan for the North American and international markets.

Through GlobalWide Media's performance network, we mobilized nearly 4,000 global publishers to run Mindspark offers, resulting in a substantial increase of Mindspark products for 2013.

The results of the media distribution plan that was created for Mindspark saw a near 400% increase in installs within the following 12 months.

GlobalWide Media continues to deliver more than 20 million installs and sales of digital products annually for our global clients, across desktop and mobile platforms., an Expedia Group company and the world's fastest growing online hotel reservation service, wanted to increase distribution of their mobile app and drive mobile hotel bookings.


GlobalWide Media launched and executed a two prong approach, first launching iOS and Android app cost-per-install campaigns, followed by cost-per-thousand media for the Asia-Pacific region of to maximize their user acquisition.


Develop a multi-faceted messaging strategy to drive app installs and increase hotel bookings by leveraging consumers' travel patterns and location history.


GlobalWide Media executed a two pronged strategy incorporating branding and user acquisition elements to increase their mobile install base. GlobalWide Media was able to leverage its user profile database in providing with detailed information about high performing demographics. Based on the demographic insights, we were able to develop highly relevant contextual placements that drove mobile app installs and mobile bookings.


During our first year working with we've driven over 250,000 hotel bookings as a direct result of our efforts.


With 8 million members and 1.7 million customers, Limango is among Europe's leading private-shopping communities for mothers and young families.

When Limango reached out to GlobalWide Media (GWM), they were looking to penetrate the French market using direct email marketing strategies.

  • Drive qualified members to their French e-commerce platform,
  • Convert members into new and returning paid customers
  • Work within an exclusive partnership with Limango to provide compliant and brand-safe email marketing campaigns

GWM's dedicated account team worked closely with a select team of top-tier email publishers to promote Limango’s Shopping Club to a targeted audience of women with families.

GWM has consistently driven volume and quality every month, providing full transparency and optimization to meet Limango's objectives and ensure their campaign's sustainability and success.


Over the past months, GWM managed hundreds of email campaigns within France, generating over 500K+ qualified members to join the Shopping Club.

Providing this level of scale and quality led GWM to become an exclusive Limango partner and one of Limango's largest acquisition strategies partners.