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Affiliate Summit West

January 15-17
Las Vegas Meet Market # G16

Along with thousands of digital marketers, GlobalWide Media will be in Las Vegas on January 15-17th for one of the best-known performance marketing conferences in the world, Affiliate Summit West. With thousands of global campaigns from some of the world's well-known brands, GlobalWide Media is looking to bring on new publishing partners to work with our premium inventory.

Stop by Meet Market table G16 at ASW to sign up for our New Publisher Bonus and get $1,000*



Conditions: a) Must be within 14 days of the first day of conference attended. New publishers will have 60 days to reach $5K in traffic to get $1,000 bonus once sign up has been completed. b) Are you an existing publisher? Let us know, we have something for you too. See your AM.

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